Vietnam Information

To be a legal teacher in Vietnam you must have the following.

A degree BA or BS from any western country. A TEFL certificate minimum. A work permit.

How do I get my work permit or get the process started?

To have a work permit in Vietnam you need to have this issued through your employer. For the first 3 months upon arrival in the country a work permit is not required. After this time you will be an illegal. If found to be working illegally the enforcing authorities will come down hard on the school rather than the teacher.
So work permits are not transferable they are only valid for the employer who applied for you.

The following information is required to get the process moving.

1. Application. 2. C.V 3. A police record of your current Vietnam address. 4. Photos. 5. Medical certificate. 6. A copy of your degree (advised to bring original) 7. A criminal background check certificate from your home country.

After application has been made the school or language center you will be working for will support your application.
Times for processing may vary this can take up to a couple of months.


If youre thinking of private sessions then you could be looking at $15 to $25 dollars per hour or if its a monthly salary that youre after then you can expect $1000 to $1300 us per month.


A B.A degree in any subject is the general requirement followed with a TEFL. If you dont hold a TEFL but have experience then this may suffice. It is possible to find work without a TEFL but this should be avoided if possible. Employers will want to see original documents. Appearance can play a big part in landing a job due to most Vietnamese being socially conservative. Please refer to our visa FAQ section for further info.